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Twisted Heads Custom Lacrosse

True Dynamic Head-Unstrung

True Dynamic Head-Unstrung

Introducing the all new Dynamic lacrosse head from True Temper. This head was designed to be one of the stiffest "all-around" performance heads on the market. Built for elite midfielders who need their head to perform on both the offensive and defensive sides of the field, this head can do it all. The thick sidewall design controls flex in the sidewall for maximum consistency on shots and delivers increased power on checks. The mid-flare pinch face shape and performance offset gives you the perfect pocket channel in this head for better ball control and better pocket feel in your stick. The Dynamic head is setting a new standard for performance in lacrosse.

MAX STIFFNESS = MAX CONSISTENCY & POWER: Featuring a thick sidewall design with larger rail support for maximum stiffness along the length of the head that provides consistent release and maximum power.

THE PERFECT CHANNEL: The NEW Charge Point Scoop reduces material in the back of the scoop to create the perfect flex profile when shooting, that channels the ball energy directly out the center of the pocket.

PRO PINCH / MID HIGH OFFSET: The Dynamic Head features a tighter mid-flare face shape with a mid-high offset design on the bottom rail for the perfect pocket placement and ball control in your stick.

ELITE LEVEL MIDFIELDERS: This elite level head was designed to perform on both the offensive and defensive side of the field at the highest levels of the game.

Unstrung Weight: 5.5oz.
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